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About Tiny Toes Music

Tiny Toes Music is all about you and your baby and/or preschooler playing and making music in a group setting and enjoying the magic of being surrounded by live music.

At Tiny Toes music, there is an ethos of enthusiastic participation in all singing and music making, although you do not have to have any musical skill at all! You are your little one's greatest influence, and as they watch and join in with you, you help to nurture their lifelong love of music and the arts which has so many wonderful benefits in life and education.

Little ones love songs, rhythm and music and benefit greatly from a musical environment. Music affects the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and children and strengthens cognitive and sensory development. But most of all, Tiny Toes Music is fun for all!

Come and join us at Tiny Toes Music and be part of a community coming together to experience freedom of expression and joy through singing and creative music making in a very friendly, creative, lively and fun environment.




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We've come to Tiny Toes Music for 2 years and enjoyed every moment. Nicola is very talented, and the girls are word perfect in dozens of songs!! Lovely choice of instruments for them to make lots of noise with! gf gf g fg fgfg fg f gf gfd gf gfgfgf gfgfgfg fg f dg fdg fg fg f gfgfg fg fdgfgfgf gf gf gfg fgfgfgfdgfgfgffgfg fdgf



I've been bringing all 3 of my boys since they were tiny babies. All of them, especially the eldest two absolutely love music and dancing now – all because I think they've enjoyed Tiny Toes so much! Nicola is warm and engaging and has a real passion for what she does. We love it and will keep coming until all my children are at school.


Katy and Lettie

It was suggested I try Nicola's Tiny Toes Music class and I'm so glad I did! Not only is the class excellent value for money, but you can tell that Nicola is actually musical! She is very welcoming and so animated and engaging with the children. She plays different instruments for them and sings harmonies to the nursery rhymes to make it much more enjoyable for all (especially us grown-ups who spend hours singing to our little ones lol) You can really tell which children have been attending for some time, as they anticipate the next activity with such excitement whilst playing their instruments. As a nanny I always look for a class and a class teacher who engages with the children, but one where they can learn something alongside having fun and Tiny Toes Music does both brilliantly. My charge gets really excited when I sing the welcome song to her and after just a few months of attending and being just over one year old, she is starting to do some of the actions!! I would have no hesitation in recommending this class for children of any age, along with any of their grown-ups as there is always a good mix of grandparents, mummies, daddies and nannies!



I first attended tiny toes when my daughter was 12 weeks old and we've been going every week since (my daughter is now 4!) Nicola is wonderful and very talented. She engages with the children beautifully and has most definitely found her calling. Her natural love for music and children shines through leaving everyone with a smile on their faces. Tiny Toes Music has definitely had a massive impact on my children's confidence, development and love of music. And 'roly poly' was our saviour on a recent long airplane journey! Thank you, Nicola and Tiny Toes Music, you've been a massive part of my children's life and we will never forget all the wonderful memories you've helped us make together. I near cried writing it, don't think I realised how much we all love group! It'll be a sad day when Ben gets too big to come...I'll have to borrow someone else's children! 😂xx



Tiny Toes in Acomb is my sanctuary on a Thursday morning. Everyone is so friendly and so welcoming. It's like a little safe haven for my 2 children and I. It brings us joy and happiness which really helps my mental health in a very positive way



Tiny Toes Music is the best music group in York! It has a great balance of structure, variety and flexibility depending on what your baby/child can do. I've been going since my baby was 3 months old and we have developed with it. I sing the songs at home. There's no pressure to buy extra things and the pay as you go is fantastic.



I have been coming to Tiny Toes Music for about 8 years with my grandchildren. Every session is fun, not just for the children but also for the adults. We have had lots of great times singing and making music.



My Grandson and I love coming to Tiny Toes Music and it is the highlight of our week. Nicola creates such a fun, lively and engaging session where all are very welcome. Children love experimenting with the wide range of musical instruments available. Nicola plans the sessions carefully with a mixture of familiar favourites and fun new songs and rhymes with lots of opportunities for the children to have fun playing, singing, clapping and most of all having fun. My grandson now sings all the songs in his own sweet way, and his speech development has really increased since we started coming. We know 'music club' is on a Thursday and every time Jude sees me during the week he will shout "Yey! Music Club" and start singing! Total joy! Thank you Nicola




Becky & Joel

Tiny Toes is our favourite! We've come each week since Joel was 6 months old and he'll be two soon and he loves it! A lot of children come from being a few months old and stay until they start school. The choice of instruments is great and we love the relaxed friendly atmosphere. We've got to know lots of other families and made some good friends. Nicola's cheerful songs and actions are always fun- as are the various instruments (and puppets!) she plays! Cora the crow is always a big hit!

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